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Find information about updates, cancellations and how Inova is taking the appropriate steps to protect the safety of our caregivers, patients, team members and the community.
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Welcome to Inova Spine Program Virtual Visits!

The Inova Spine Program provides excellence in care for all kinds of back and neck pain conditions through a combination of in-person and virtual visits. During the COVID-19 global health pandemic, this convenient service will allow you to consult with your physician from the comfort of your home and practice social distancing where possible. Virtual visits allow patients to speak with their doctor through a smartphone, computer or tablet device in real-time. Our patients receive the benefits of in-person visits, including a consult and check up with his/her physician, the prescribing of medications and/or neurological testing if and as appropriate.

Our goal is to reduce the number of times you have to come to the medical office while providing frequent, regular access to your care provider through virtual visits, phone calls and online messaging.

Who is eligible?

All existing Inova Spine Program patients are eligible for virtual visits at the provider's discretion. Patients must be age 18 or over and if not have a parent or guardian with them. Please refer to the FAQs for the types of medical needs where it is advised to make an in-person appointment. We actively accept new patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I schedule a virtual visit appointment?

To schedule your appointment, please contact us Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 703-776-4700 and request your particular provider. We will provide the same level of attention and detail during virtual visits as any other visit for your individual care.

What will I need to participate in virtual visits?

To participate in virtual visits, you will need a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a reliable internet connection and a quiet location to speak.

Specific instructions are available arrows

Most of our virtual visits are on the Zoom platform. Our practice may use MyChart where feasible and is looking for a conversion to Epic telehealth. Once the appointment is made, the patient scheduler will provide you with instructions on how to access your virtual visit. 

If you connect more than 10 minutes late for your virtual visit appointment, it is possible the appointment will have to be canceled. In which case please call 703-776-4700 to reschedule. 

No one is present in the room with the doctor or listening on the line other than your Neurosurgery Team (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant/Nurse); you can confidentially discuss your health in an environment of secure privacy.

What if I have a question for my provider between visits?

If at any time you have a question for your provider between visits, please contact us at 703-776-4700.

What types of patient visits are recommended for in-person appointment setting?

We suggest that first time, new patient appointments be conducted in person as well as those patients without access to a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Outside of these instances virtual visits are readily conducted. The other exceptions would include:
  • Neurological Testing – We will help with coordinated care, as needed, with the Inova Neurology Team.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Care – We will help with coordinated care, as needed, with Inova Rehabilitative Services that may or may not be scheduled in-person depending on your individual treatment plan. Please discuss what is needed with your provider prior to scheduling.
  • Pre-surgical Evaluation and Testing – We will assist you to schedule in-person visits for your pre-surgical evaluation and testing.
  • Physiatrist – If in need of a physiatrist to review your care, we will make referrals and coordination as needed, noting a visit may or not necessarily be in-person.
  • Post-surgical Care – We will assist you to schedule in-person visits, such as nurse visits or suture or staple removal as directed under the discretion of the overseeing provider and/or outpatient rehabilitative services.
  • Spine Nurse Navigator – For those in need of surgical care, the Inova Spine Program has a Spine Nurse Navigator to assist you.

Which providers participate in virtual visits in the Inova Spine Program?

All of our providers participate in virtual visits. When you contact us for an appointment at 703-776-4700, our specialists can assess what is the most appropriate visit for your individual needs.

The Inova Spine Program has a team of interdisciplinary specialists, including neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, neuroradiologists and musculoskeletal radiologists, therapists, and rehabilitation specialists, as one comprehensive care team for pain management, rehabilitation, and surgical and minimally invasive procedures, or a combination approach.

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